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Like most people, during this time of year, I like to set new goals for the coming year. In order to set those future goals, I feel the need to look back on the previous year.

Every year is full of accomplishments if we CHOOSE to see them. One can see all the challenges or misfortunes that occurred during the year, but I choose to…

~ discover the lessons learned

~ acknowledge the growth that took place to get through it and

~ celebrate the small miracles!

I love to reflect on the previous year and be grateful for so many things.  While dealing with a chronic illness, we like to find joy and gratitude for…

… a year of remission with only minor hiccups

… lessons about food and using food as medicine

… the privilege of raising funds for research

… being able to fund research and looking forward to the results of the research this year

… connecting with NASPGHAN to promote the latest nutrition research this year

… all the support that we received during our 3rd annual Party, Golf & Glow event. For those that attended, contributed and volunteered to make it happened. We were able to raise over $48,000.

… all our volunteers

… all our sponsors

We are humbled by the efforts and support received all throughout the year!

We look forward to an even better year of awareness and research. Our goals and hopes are high. We look forward to supporting patients and families living with Crohn’s and Colitis!

Have a HEALTHY New Year!