How talk to Friends and Family….

When your child or you get diagnosed with a chronic condition and need to be on a restricted diet, it is simply not easy process. There are many ways to go about educating your friends and family about the condition and about the dietary restrictions. I will try to provide some suggestion. Some people will be great supporters.  and others will simply not get it.

The most important part is to educate family members. The easiest way is to have a quick meeting next time you see them, formally get everyone’s attention and tell them that you want to explain the new diagnosis. It will give them an opportunity to ask question but also you let them know that this is important information for all of them too. Obviously meeting with all your friends is impossible but start the conversation with your close friends next time you get together with them.

In the pass, these are the key points I have try to cover when I need family and friends to help keep our child safe…

  • Explain the medical condition so everyone understands including the symptoms that have been occurring that lead to the diagnosis. It’s important to paint the picture of your struggles and the child’s struggles. Do not minimize the situation!
  • Explain the risks of the medical condition
  • Explain the treatment plan
  • Explain how you need their assistance to keep the child safe.

The last key point is a critical part for others to buy in to their understanding of the disease. Do not assume that they will know how to keep your child safe. Be factual and precise about what you want them to do.

If you don’t get the support you expect, don’t give up. Keep educating!

Keep been an advocate for your child and yourself because if you don’t, who will?


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