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yogurtThere is so much confusion today regarding what is healthy and what is not.  In watching what we eat, should we be concerned with or avoid:

  • Sugar?
  • Sodium?
  • Total Fat? 2% Fat? 0% Fat? Low Fat?
  • Gluten vs Gluten Free?
  • GMO vs Non-GMO?
  • Organic?

The list goes on and on…there is so much to read and consider. I like using one of Michael Pollan’s Food Rules as my first rule of thumb:

“If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.”

When one eats wholesome food from nature or from plants as they are originally created, we reduce the risk of the unknowns.

So here is my list:

  • Non-GMO (non-genetically modify food) is better for you!
  • Some Fat is good for you as your body needs fat to absorb vitamin A and D. At the same time your body needs vitamin A and D to absorb calcium.
  • Less sugar is better for you so when a sugar craving strikes, have a piece of fruit and quiet the cravings. Nature produces all the fructose we need in the form of fruit and honey from the bees. We don’t need to add refined sugar or artificial sweeteners so packaged and processed food can taste better.
  • When you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the package, don’t buy it.

As for gluten or other grains, I don’t recommend that you consume them as they can affect the permeability of you intestines. However, I am no doctor. I can only speak from experience. When I eat gluten personally, my stomach can bloat and cramp. The longer I go without it, the worse my stomach tolerates it. My concern with grains is the genetically modified quality of the product. Food manufacturers’ main concern is the bottom line and they yield greater productions when they are GMO.  If you going to eat grains, stick to non-GMO whole grain foods.

Whether you eat grains, gluten or organic will be for you to decide when determining what’s best for you and your body. As for us, our family chooses to eat no grains and select organic products in order to reduce the amount of toxins from pesticides on our food.

What you eat is a personal choice and you don’t have to necessarily sweat the small stuff unless you are on a restricted diet for medical reasons.  If you remember to focus on whole, plant-based foods, you will be way ahead of the game.