GI symptoms can start very slowly and subtle. What you think is normal might not be. They are symptoms that are very private and most people don’t discuss with anyone.

I know from experience that many individuals that are diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) often look back and can see the symptom for years prior to a severe onset. For example, my husband had symptoms for 7 years prior to undergoing emergency surgery to remove a multi-layer abscess the size of a softball. When we looked back, he was having occasional diarrhea, occasional cramps and about twice a year unexplainable 24 hours high fever always during a busy and stressful work week. We always thought it was over tiredness or stress.

So if you have more than one of the following symptoms, please visit a GI specialist.
•Consistent cramps or abdominal pain
•Joint pain or arthritis like pain
•Joint stiffness
•Unexplained lost weight or lack of appetite
•Eye pain or inflammation
•Slow or no growth in children
•Skin disorder
•Inflammation of the liver or bile ducts
•Blood on the stool

You might be at a higher risk for IBD if you have ….
•a family member that has IBD,
•a family member that has some other immune deficiency disease, or
•have a Jewish heritage

Know that there is a genetic link to IBD!

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