For those of you with kids in school…. make sure you have a 504 plan with the school. Your child with IBD (or any other chronic illness qualifies by law!). It is your child’s right to have appropriate accommodations when necessary.

When you meet with the school administration to create this plan make sure you have a letter or any documentation that gives your child’s diagnosis for his or her chronic condition.

One your have an apt to create the plan, think about the following….

– All teachers are present so they can all hear from you directly

– Explain condition and symptoms and the uncertainty that comes from the condition.

– Sometimes its hard to think about what they might need while they are in remission, but the 504 should include accommodations when they are having a flare too.

– If your child has a restricted diet, talk about how to get alternative treats to the school/classroom or eliminating food rewards from the classroom. There are all kids of ways to rewards students without food.

– Come up with a plan for bathroom passes in case he or she needs to rush to it. In addition, the plan needs to allow them to go to the bathroom even during a test without been penalized for time.

– If medications need to be given during school hours, create a plan that least disturbs the classroom and the student routine.

– Any lunch accommodations that might be needed.

– Any PE accommodations that might be needed.

School can be very stressful and embarrassing for your child. A 504 plan will help with those embarrassing moments of having to rush to the bathroom. Lastly, ask your child for what they want, they usually have great ideas….

Hope these thoughts help you be a great advocate for your child!